Operation Downstream

SMH through its Downstream Directorate take care of petroleum products’ storage and delivery for the Southern zone (the whole country except Nouadhibou and Zouerate area). For this purpose, it has two depots: a main depot located in the port area of Nouakchott and a secondary depot, attached to the first, located at Oum Tounsi airport.

The Port depot has a total capacity of 2.1 mmcf (60,000 cubic meters), all products combined.

As to the Airport depot (jet-A1, solely), it consists of a main unit (2 tanks of 17,657 cf / 500 cubic meters each) and a mobile unit (2 tanks of 1,342 cf / 38 cubic meters each).

Through these two depots, the domestic market is supplied annually with 21.2 mmcf (600,000 cubic meters) of petroleum products.