To improve its performances, consolidate its competencies in the field of Hydrocarbons and, thus, ensure its sustainability, SMH has setup Quality, Safety and Environment Management Systems, in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 2015, ISO 14001 2015 and ISO 45001 2018.


With respect to the company’s statutory missions, its context and its  strategic orientations, the QSE Policy in place addresses the following aspects:

  • The company’s responsibility towards its customers, partners and stakeholders;

  • The nature and extent of risks related to Health and Safety at the workplace;

  • The scope of the environmental impacts related to the company’s activities.

Thus, through this policy, SMH aims to:

  • Satisfy its clients, partners and stakeholders;

  • Meet the compliance requirements that apply to its mission;

  • Stimulate continuous improvement of the Management Systems and environmental performance;

  • Create safe and healthy conditions at the workplace, in line with the specific nature of risks  and  opportunities that match  the mission and the size of the company;

  • Establish mechanisms of consultation and active participation among employees, with a view to mitigate, or even eliminate dangers and reduce risks for Health and Safety at work;

  • Prevent any risk of pollution and harm to the environment;

  • Provide a safe work environment, in which each individual is dealt with with respect and dignity and without any kind of discrimination;

The Human Resources of SMH will be mobilized and sensitized to reinforce their awareness of the role which is theirs in the constant search for the continuous improvement of safety, quality and respect for the environment. The same message will be conveyed, and with force, to the subcontractors of SMH whose staff must be the subject of the same level of awareness.


This concerns not only the deliverables, products and services provided by the various structures of the company, but also the performance of professional practices and compliance with the objectives of this policy through the following axes:

  • Improve the level of quality by meeting the applicable requirements (legal and regulatory), as well as the needs and expectations of customers, users and stakeholders and interested parties;

  • Strengthen communication internally and externally;

  • Increase the availability and safety of the company's equipment, facilities and production sites;

  • Develop skills, involvement and good professional practices within the personnel;

  • Strengthen the ethical culture and continue to fight against the existence of corruption in all forms;

  • Make the most of the existing and potential opportunities arising from the economic situation and the country’s geographical position to develop and expand the company's business potentials.

Specific intermediate objectives are set and will be regularly assessed to, on the one hand, achieve the implementation of the QSE policy of SMH, and on the other hand, identify any possible need for re-adjustment during management reviews, or, exceptionally at the request of the General Management.


Lastly, this policy will be communicated, disseminated, explained and applied internally and to other people working under supervision of SMH.  It will also be mass-communicated to stakeholders and interested parties.